March 2017 Issue of the British Dental Journal, Volume 222 No 5 pp321-404 is already online, in this Issue we can find an editorial written by C. Klass, K. Wanyonyi, S. White, A. D. Walmsley, N. Hunt & J. E. Gallagher. Members of the Rapid Review Steering Group of the BDJ. They assemble 3 Task groups, including a medical and dental consultant/specialist, PHE representative and two members of junior staff. Four of the top global diseases; diabetes mellitus, pulmonary disease, dementia and cardiovascular disease were selected to be reviewed and published as a series of four papers in the British Dental Journal, starting with cardiovascular disease in this issue. This month also includes 2 interesting articles with Verifiable CPD, one for resin-based composite restorative materials and implants retained overdentures. 
About the task groups, each were asked to review the published literature over the preceeding ten years using an established methodology and report on the following: 
Whether or not an association was demonstrated in the literature 
The nature and strength of association 
Whether any association is uni- or bi-directional 
If the dental management of oral diseases has an effect on the manifestation of the systemic disease and vice versa 
Implications for future research. 
This issue Verifiable CPD Paper includes: 
1. Bulk-fill resin-based composite restorative materials: a review. pp337 - 344 (Members only access), writen by J. Chesterman, A. Jowett, A. Gallacher & P. Nixon, Provides an overview of available bulk-fill composite materials. Details techniques to optimise bulk-fill composite restoration success and placement and reviews the bulk-fill composite material properties including their relative merits and shortfalls. Visit this article by clicking here
2. Implant retention systems for implant-retained overdentures - pp347 - 359 (Members only access), writen by D. P. Laverty, D. Green, D. Marrison, L. Addy & M. B. M. Thomas. Provides an overview on a variety of implant retention systems. Informs the reader on the factors that may guide the decision-making process of selecting an implant retention system and highlights the literature assessing patient satisfaction and prosthodontic maintenance with a variety of implant retention systems. Visit this article by clicking here
To check all the interesting articles in this month's issue. Click here
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