By: Josh Rimmington, Director of JR Marketing Group. 
Are you on the lookout for some great internet marketing ideas to promote your dental services as a dentist? Whether you are a newbie dentist trying to build your credibility among your prospective clients or a well-sought dentist, it is really a plus point if you maintain maximum online visibility. One of the influential channels to get started with your internet marketing campaign is Facebook. Why? With the growing number of active followers via Facebook, this has been a favoured venue to promote product or services. So, if you are a dentist and plans to conquer the online community via Facebook, here are 6 quick steps to help you succeed with this marketing goal. 
Step #1 – Avoid lengthy posts 
Yes, this is definitely one of the best strategies to entice targeted followers to provide a response whenever you share posts at your Facebook page, avoid lengthy posts. According to a report made by the Facebook press, posts that generated higher engagement rate came from shortest posts with at least 80 characters. 
Step #2 – Include full-length links 
Using URL shortener like may work well with Twitter, but when it comes to your Facebook page it would be more appropriate to include full-length links to give users clear idea on what they are clicking. Based on surveys, posts with full-length links have received three times higher engagement rates as compared to those posts with shortened URLs. 
Step #3 –Posting at the right time does count 
If you want to remain on top of your target clients’ news feed, posting at the right time can make a huge difference. Higher engagement rates have been found on posts made in the evening because this is the time where most users are already out from work and free to engage on their favoured social media channels like Facebook. Among the ideal hours where you have bigger chances of getting responses are early in the morning and/or in the evening, and late at night. Posting during weekends is also ideal because users have more time to read, make a comment or hit the like or share button. It would be a lot easier if you schedule in advance your posts to get desired results. 
Step #4 – Commit regularly to Thursday evenings to posts 
As mentioned by the Buddy Media’s report, the perfect day and time to post about your dental services to your targeted audience are on Thursday evenings because higher engagement rate on brands focused on health and beauty were derived. So, if you have any upcoming event for your dental office like discounts or launching of latest dental services, post them on Thursday evenings. 
Step #5 – Use the appropriate term 
For you to connect and initiate a conversation among your targeted followers, use the appropriate terms they are familiar with like using often the words comment, like or post. Whenever you are sharing posts, ask fans and friends to comment on your shared link, post a comment or hit the “like” or share a photo because by doing this action, you are directing them to the desired action. 
Step #6 – Post a question 
Another effective approach to motivate followers to make a comment or “like” your post is by posting a question at the end and not in the beginning. According to statistics a post with the question “Would you?” has more opportunity of getting a like than a post without one. But, the question “Why” has little chances of getting a higher engagement rate.  
The power of social media can make a huge impact on your online presence as a dentist. Feel free to try the above steps and see how well your Facebook page perform in the coming 
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